Clinical Consultation and Practice Building

Clinical Consultation

When two minds come together, we create a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. This collaboration results in a much deeper understanding of each case. As a long time practitioner and teacher of psychoanalysis, I provide consultation for those wishing to augment their clinical skills and knowledge of theory and technique. Clinicians of all orientations and levels of experience are welcome. I honor each person's unique therapeutic voice and help therapists become more comfortable with being themselves in the treatment room while being informed by a sound theoretical rationale for what they choose to do. 

As a Modern Psychoanalyst, I place special emphasis on the therapist's use of his or her own feelings as an indispensable tool in understanding the patient. I also help train clinicians  to work with problems that stem from the pre-verbal period of life by using carefully chosen emotional communication, and to work constructively to reverse the myriad ways patients turn aggression against themselves.

I help therapists become adept at identifying and working with Treatment Destructive Resistances, those behaviors of patients that threaten to end the treatment prematurely. Effective work with "TDR's" enables the therapist to keep patients in treatment when appropriate which also results in a deepening of the treatment. This work is a critical part of building and maintaining a successful and powerful practice.

Practice Building

I work with therapists at any stage of their development as private practitioners to build a thriving private practice; managed care, etc. notwithstanding!

LMSW supervision

I supervise LMSW’s on individual and couples work within my private practice toward their hours for the LCSW.