Coping in turbulent times

Connect with nature as much as possible. Feel the earth under your feet. Feel the breeze. Hear the water. That is the only way to regain balance and perspective.
Janet Moran

Why You Need To Try Japanese Forest Bathing
It’s where we belong.
It relieves stress.
You tap into the healing power of nature.
You unplug.
It’s a spiritual practice.
Natural beauty is a source of inspiration.
Trees actually have special healing powers.
We can learn from trees.

Five steps to forest bathing.

See the trees, the plants growing under foot, the fungi, moss and lichen. Look up, down and all around for animals hiding under rocks, in burrows, and on tree branches. Notice the colours, shapes and textures.

Hear the rustling of leaves, the bird songs, or running water. Listen for the subtle sounds.

Feel the ground beneath your feet, the strength of tree trunks, the softness of leaves, or the prickliness of pine cones.

Smell the fresh air and the evergreens. Get close and smell the flowers.

Taste pine needle or gingko leaf tea. (Be sure to accurately identify any plant you are going to taste.)…/why-you-need-to-try-japanes…

How Can a Couple Possibly be Successful?

What does it take to make it as a couple? Being in a couple can seem like an impossible task. Here are two different people, whether same sex or not, from differing backgrounds, cultures, locations, upbringings, sets of life experiences, possible traumas, perhaps religion/values/education.

Best case scenario; the ideal

When a new couple comes in for therapy and both say they are committed to each other and to the work and demonstrate that very thing in the room, I know we’re in business. I know it’s for real when they listen to each other as best they can, validate each other’s feelings, know that each has a unique perspective that is bound to be different from the other, and that’s OK. In the ultimate scenario for success, they can even express admiration, recognition and appreciation for each other even when the going gets tough. A few are even capable of invoking some affectionate humor which always connects everyone in the room--even when things get tense. This is a truly masterful skill in relationships! It’s particularly masterful because it requires an ability to hold very uncomfortable feelings such as tension, fear, and anger while simultaneously moving out of that sphere and bringing in a completely different feeling state. It is a rare quality; some are born with it while some others have cultivated it on their own. However, with practice, it can be learned. Studies have shown that this dynamic is predictive of a couple staying together.