Couple Therapy

As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, I aim to create mutual understanding and acceptance, ultimately creating a more harmonious environment.

It’s the rare couple that comes in for an early tune-up on a preventive basis! It’s a lot more common for people to drag themselves and/or their partner to counseling when they’re at the absolute end of their rope. The reasons are complex; here are just a few:

  • Many people think going to a therapist means the relationship is “broken,” or that they don’t love each other.
  • They fear it will result in more humiliation than they already feel.
  • One or both expect to be judged.
  • One or the other wants the partner to be judged, and that makes the potential “judg-ee” cringe and avoid. There’s fear that the therapist will take sides- not theirs.
  • Many feel they ought to be able to solve problems themselves, no matter what the cost. 
  • The idea of getting help is just too foreign.
  • Sometimes they feel so pessimistic already that they cannot imagine a positive outcome and fear the only outcome will be a break-up.

THE GOOD NEWS: Those who brave coming to grips with whatever fears they bring in tend to feel tremendously relieved when new options emerge from talking in a safe place; when clarity replaces confusion; when the bond that brought people together and that still underlies their staying together, has a chance to become identified and chosen from a place of consciousness.

People will discover new things about each other.

They will understand their own individual dynamics better.

They can take the connection they already have to a deeper level.

Because at the root, relationship problems originate from an effort to master issues that stem from early in life. The healing of the relationship also promotes powerful healing of the individual. "Conflict is growth trying to happen" - Harville Hendrix, originator of Imago Couple Therapy.

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